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While the Toulan School and MURP program do not yet have social media accounts, some of our faculty and programs do:

  • The College of Urban and Public Affairs shares what it’s doing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Professor Jennifer Dill has a website and tweets.
  • Professor Nathan McClintock has a website and tweets.
  • Professor Marisa Zapata tweets.
  • Read more about professors Jason Jurjevich and Greg Schrock’s research on Portland region migration trends here. During the 2014-2016, roughly 319 people moved to the Portland metro region each day—combined with 244 people moving out each day, the region attracted and retained roughly 75 in-migrants each day.
  • Learn more about our transportation work via TREC: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website
  • The new Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative, co-led by professor Marisa Zapata is on Twitter.

The Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning promotes equity and fosters an environment of cultural difference and diversity among faculty and students. These principles are fundamental to developing healthy communities and achieving academic excellence. You can learn more about our efforts here.

Our faculty and work in the news

Portland moves to preserve affordable homes near new MAX line The Oregonian notes the role of Dr. Lisa K. Bates’ research in their plan to mitigate potential transit-induced gentrification.

Don’t Overlook Equity Issues in City Climate-Action Plans CityLab notes Dr. Greg Schrock’s research.

In this featured op-ed in Planetizen, Dr. Horst connects research on environmental justice and urban sustainability planning to a 2018 ballot initiative, the Portland Clean Energy Fund.

One answer to the lack of affordable apartments might begin at home. The Washington Post cites data from Dr. Matthew Gebhardt’s study on accessory dwelling units.

In Portland, a neighborhood designs its own solution to displacement  Curbed draws on Dr. Karen Gibson’s “canonical text” on gentrification in Albina.

Bike share programs have largely missed poor neighborhoods Marketplace radio talked with Dr. Jennifer Dill about her research on bike sharing.

Portland weather hot spots: Temperatures can vary as much as 20 degrees by neighborhood  The Oregonian’s front page featured Dr. Vivek Shandas’ work on urban heat islands.

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